My essay “Never, Now, and Always” is part of this new anthology Mothering Through the Darkness (HerStories, November 2014) that shines light on peri-natal depression. The aim here is to comfort and connect those who are struggling at all stages of childbearing, including grief about pregnancy loss, inability to conceive, and other difficult passages. Sisters: you are not alone! Order the book here. Or contact Karen if you’d like to host a discussion or presentation for your group.

“Archipelago” flash fiction appears in Ekphrasis 2015 – a project produced by the California Writers Club – Mendocino Coast and the Artists Co-Op Gallery of Mendocino.”Wind rattles cobalt fragments of sky into thirsty dreams and shipwrecks.” Gratitude to watercolor artist Karen Reynolds for her interpretation. Read the story.

“Broken Borders” appears in Minerva Rising Issue 8, Spring 2015.

From the editor’s note: The writers and artists included in this “Wide Open” issue not only respond boldly to “the irrationality of the world,” but also challenge us to think. Karen K. Lewis’s “Broken Borders,” asks us to consider how it feels to be a fourteen year girl illegally crossing the border into the United States when she writes: “From the small dusty window of the baño, I watch people in uniforms take my uncle and a few of the others who crossed with us last night, and some other people I never saw before in my life. . . . I want to run after my uncle, but know this is crazy. So I stay, frozen, staring while my uncle disappears, who-knows-where.”

Read more or purchase a copy of Minerva Rising.08_WideOpen_Cover

“Merge Now” is part of a series of found poems called Word Thief. Typesetting over digital photograph. Found this poem in Mendocino County, California. ~Karen Lewis 2013


Here’s a new poem from the Word Thief series. Typesetting over digital photo of graffiti in Bairro Alto, Lisboa, Portugal. ~Karen Lewis 2013


Creative nonfiction “Valley Girl” appears in Weave Magazine, Volume 8. Order it online at http://www.weavemagazine.net/. What was it really like growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the age of drugs, sex, and the Monkees? This is one girl’s slice of survival.WeaveIssue08Cover.thumbnail

Poem “To See” included in the anthology Occupy SF: poems from the movement ISBN 978-0-9824673-6-7. Available from the publisher: http://www.studiosaraswati.com/occupy.

Creative Nonfiction Essay “Driving Lessons” appears in Literary Mama, December 2011. Driving Lessons Essay

Considering life, love, loss and small moments of mothering. An essay called “Modern Miracle” is part of this eclectic anthology Mamas and Papas (San Diego City Works Press, 2010). A guidebook, of sorts, through wild, rugged, and amazing territory.


Publications for youth. A variety of nonfiction adventures hide here.